I co-founded Lattice 10 years ago. The early days seemed to bring with them a revelation each hour (these days are a lot calmer). I jotted some of them down, and emailed them to myself. Here they are, slightly edited:

  1. Know your purpose, then be the best instrument you can be to fulfill that purpose.
  2. Discretion and transparency go hand in hand.
  3. It is foolish to have expectations from the past.
  4. Say the truth but say it without bitterness. Bitterness comes out before sweetness.
  5. Empathy allows the truth to be sweet.
  6. Pride is my greatest enemy, because it hides itself so beautifully. Often, it takes the guise of humility.
  7. Adopt the Marwari accounting method. Set a daily cash collection target, 20 days in a month. Anything less is a loss. 2 days of rest a week is required to fulfill the target. One day for self, and one for family.
  8. Those with the most expectations of you carry the greatest burden of all: their expectations.
  9. Objects are inanimate. Yet they have power.
  10. Acceptance precedes change.
  11. Acceptance, knowledge, practice, realization, wisdom, truth.
  12. Or a different path or sequence, but the culmination remains truth.
  13. Loyalty is not a virtue. Integrity is.
  14. Learn to listen and you will learn to learn. Everyone has something to say, hence everyone is a source of learning.
  15. Dharma is a constant, while my capabilities will change.
  16. Accept, do not resign. He who resigns strays from the path of Karma.
  17. You may meander, but you cannot stray. Meander on your day of rest.
  18. Replace you with I in the sentence above. (Genrally good practice for all advice).
  19. Sleep is essential. Opportunities abound.
  20. Do not resent your teacher for true lessons that you fail to practice.
  21. If you think fast, you have to do faster. This allows time for rest.
  22. Trust everyone to be true to their nature.
  23. People keep pets to experience unconditional love.
  24. Don’t run faster than the world.
  25. Meet with a pauper as you would with a prince. (And avoid the reverse)